Hose Pipe Fittings

Burkhard Steel Industries has achieved their worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel flexible hose and pipes, due to a blend of technical resources and manufacturing skills that few companies can equal. Using only the finest quality stainless steel, Burkhard Steel manufacture and deliver hose products ranging from 6mm through 300mm diameter. Complete hose assemblies are supplied with end fittings that are precision engineered to match either standard types, or created to specific customer designs.

A continuous working temperature range from -200C to 700C and suitability for conveying many chemically corrosive fluids, gives the Burkhard stainless steel hose unrivalled performance.

Envied for their range of modern precision braiding machines, Burkhard manufactures and stocks stainless steel braid from 6mm through 300mm nominal bore size DN. The strength and protection given to Burkhard Steel hose by single or double braid covering, is available for any other customers application.

Innovative production skills developed from a diverse customer base and a quality assurance, produces short delivery times and high quality products at competitive prices keeping Burkhard Steel  well ahead of their rivals Whether Burkhard hose carries liquefied gases, chemical or petroleum products, super-heated steam, indeed almost any liquid gas, it remains flexible, absorbs vibration and affords fire protection. Easy to fit, a stainless steel flexible hose eliminates the problems of expansion, misalignment or need for intricate pipe-work. It offers the ideal solution to liquid and gas handling in today‚Äôs industry.

Focusing on a rapid customer response, skilled technical staff in the Sales and Ordering department will advise on applications, compatibility and then email or fax immediate quotations ordering details and delivery information. This simplicity of ordering guarantees the quantity you need when you need it.

Burkhard Steel Industries manufactures Stainless Steel Annular Convoluted Hose and also Stainless Steel Braid to suit.

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Our hose product range consists of two types:

B-FLEX A close pitch hose with a high degree of flexibility and suitable for most metal hose applications.
1/4″ (6mm) to 10″ (250mm) nominal size DN.

C-FLEX A very close pitch hose with an exceptionally high degree of flexibility, a higher working pressure, and also often suitable for movement and vibration applications.
1/4″ (6mm) to 6″ (150mm) nominal size DN.

Hose is normally supplied in Grade 321 S/S
Braid is normally supplied in Grade 304 S/S
Hose and Braid can also be Grade 316 S/S

Braid can be supplied separately if required or Customers hose can be over braided in our factory. We have one of the best braiding facilities available as we have 16, 24,36,48,64, and even 96 carrier machines.

This gives us the ability to produce top quality Stainless Steel braid from 1/4″ (6mm) to 12″ (300mm) nominal size DN. Size 8 (200mm) nominal size DN and above are made as braided braid manufactured by initially weaving single steel wire into braid strands. These strands are themselves woven to form the final braid on our massive 96 carrier braider resulting in a highly stable and flexible construction.